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How To Choose Indoor Use Security Camera

Indoor surveillance camera purchase considerations

When purchasing an indoor surveillance camera, the general indoor surveillance camera must meet the following conditions:

First, there must be a gimbal, which can be turned up and down;

Second, the lens selection of the camera is generally 4mm or 6mm, the lens is too small, the image is deformed, the lens is too large, and the image area is small;

Third, with P2P function, with this function, the remote setting is very simple, can be directly plugged in, if you use those old cameras, the remote setting is very complicated;

Fourth, the infrared night vision function, this is the basis, otherwise the indoor situation will not be seen at night;

Fifth, HD 720P, this is also a must, image clarity should be in the first place;

There are also some functions that can be used, such as: two-way intercom, alarm function, mobile phone remote operation, etc., of course, for the humanization of mobile phone software, simple installation, beautiful appearance, etc. are considered.

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