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How To Change The Password Of Intelligent Lock

To unlock using a smart door lock password, the best way to use it is to change the password after the password has been used for a while. It is one of the effective ways to improve the security of smart door locks. How much do you know about the smart door lock password modification? Today Xiaobian teaches you how to modify the smart door lock password.

Smart door lock password modification steps:

1. Enter the smart door lock management interface and select user settings.

2, enter the user settings, choose to change the password

3, modify the password requires administrator privileges, smart door locks need to enter the password to enter the administrator rights, if the daily no modification, you can directly enter the initial password

4. Enter the original password to confirm. Please continue to set the new password according to the voice prompt to end with “#”. The password of the smart door lock is usually 6-12 digits. The password setting of the smart door lock should not be too simple, especially the serial number setting is very easy to be guessed.

5. If you want to continue other operations, press “*” to return to the management mode interface and perform the corresponding selection operation. If you do not want to continue, press “#” or wait 15 seconds to exit automatically.

In fact, the smart door lock to change the password is very simple, usually in the smart door lock instruction manual there are specific operating steps. No matter what brand of smart door locks, the way to change passwords is similar.

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