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How About Smart Home Products After 10 Years

Now smart homes are really in the spring, but still early.

In reality, in the case of a long distance, in the case of continuous voice communication, including when the smart terminal plays some audio or video, there is still a certain challenge in doing voice interaction. Voice interaction is one of the keys to determining whether smart homes can be popularized. This piece still has a lot of room for improvement. Of course, I believe that the future will get better and better, because nowadays many voice interactions, except some local ones, more It is the service on the cloud. The user's voice data is not much, the granularity is not fine enough, and the training of the data will accelerate the improvement of the whole performance.

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To some extent, voice interaction is a manifestation of smart technology. Imagine that you are communicating to a machine, but it can give you accurate answers and suggestions, more like a robot with wisdom. These products are smaller versions of intelligent robots.

In the smart home camera, real-time two-way voice communication has been basically realized. After a long period of user surveys and customer feedback, customers have an excellent experience with home cameras. Not only can you see the situation at home in real time, some sets of equipment can also see all the home and outdoor areas through multiple cameras, you can achieve basically no dead ends, and also perform excellent in two-way voice. If you have an old man or a child at home, you can talk in real time and you can better check your home situation in the office or on a business trip.

One is the scene at home, as well as the home and many scenes, such as cars, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. There are technical reasons for this, and the giants have their own standards, which requires the joint efforts of all the solution developers. In the era of mobile Internet, users are centered on mobile phones, and in the future, they will become users-centered. In which scenario the user is in, the middle end can obtain services through interaction. In the future, one user will be multi-end interconnected and multi-scenario interoperable.


Nowadays, the smart home industry relatively speaking, through artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, or the need for more diversified functions, we are now seeing more control. Many business ecosystems and service ecosystems have migrated from mobile Internet to home to realize various convenience services. This requires the development of technology, and entrepreneurs are also striving to contribute their own strength.

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