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Home surveillance camera brand rankings


The brand was founded in 1994. It has made great progress in technology and equipment diversification. Its products have also been applied to large-scale important venues and exhibitions such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest and Shanghai World Expo, and it is a very trustworthy brand.


Hikvision's domestic surveillance brand has achieved a lot of good results. Hikvision has won the titles of “China's Security Industry Excellent Brand” and “China's High-tech, High-growth Top 50”. It can be said that Hikvision's camera is very good at technical and safety performance.


ZTE is also a very long-standing vertical, and one of the brands we are familiar with. It is also involved in the development of the camera, and its quality is also very good.

360 smart camera

360 smart camera droplets can be said to be a more specialized camera, but this product also has a variety of functions. Its face recognition, time-phase monitoring, monitoring and early warning functions are simple and practical. It can be said that the camera has a more practical surveillance camera in the camera brand ranking.

Xiao Yi Home 

The main direction of product research and development of small ants is toward the development of smart homes. In this respect, small ants are doing very well. The smartness of the product can simplify people's lives and improve the quality of life.


Lenovo's smart housekeeping treasure combines cloud technology and wireless video technology to allow people to watch the situation at home anytime, anywhere. The video size is also very small, basically does not affect the Internet.


Haier's development in smart home appliances is obvious to all. Although its ranking in home surveillance cameras is relatively backward, its quality is also well-known.


The appearance of Essen's home surveillance cameras is very fashionable. If you are looking for a beautiful furniture, you can choose Essen's related equipment, which is a very good choice.


The brand's camera is also very good, users can share some of the recorded video excerpts, so that even at work can monitor the home's every move.

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