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Hikvision Smart series cameras officially released

Awakening, coming for change... Hikvision's smart camera series is on demand, bringing new changes, intelligence, and more than just full structure

The intelligent series of cameras integrates a variety of deep learning algorithms designed for complex scenes to achieve accurate acquisition of fully structured data, multi-scenario data fusion analysis capabilities, and comprehensive situational awareness. The income is more than what you see.


Fully upgraded computing power, accurate collection of fully structured data


Multi-target concurrent full-structured data collection capability, based on the original video, using multi-engine dynamic detection and tracking technology to achieve optimal target attribute information extraction, eliminating low-quality data interference, and conducive to cloud center data utilization.

Multi-scene data fusion, all-round situational awareness


Based on the multi-lens design architecture, it breaks through the boundaries of traditional scenes and integrates panoramic views and detailed close-up data to realize all-round depth situational awareness such as urban management, behavior analysis and road events.

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