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High-fidelity color information, color information processing

A, high definition image

HD IP network camera, which uses 5-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor Resolution of up to 720P (1280 * 720 resolution) / 1080P (1920 * 1080 resolution) Full real-time broadcast image quality, clarity is far Higher than the traditional CCD analog camera, the real high-definition surveillance target.

B, the system environment adaptability

The system has adaptive intelligent adjustment mode, according to different light conditions automatically adjust the camera aperture, gain, noise and other parameters, can always maintain the most perfect picture effect. Since the system realizes the monitoring of all digital data from acquisition to storage, there is no such phenomenon that the camera in the traditional sense directly affects the quality of the image affected by light changes. At the same time for the transmission line ubiquity of video signal interference will also disappear completely.

C, realistic color reproduction

System uses video capture compression chip, is from the United States of world-renowned brands, but also sony Panasonic and other professional broadcast video capture chip providers, color display comparable to professional 3CCD camera color reproduction, the image of high fidelity, Color information processing, wide dynamic, system noise reduction and other aspects have an absolute advantage.

D, long system life

As the system uses a CMOS image sensor, so the camera power consumption, low heat. Stability is also much higher than the traditional analog camera. At the same time as the components are relatively simple, the failure rate is relatively low. Will support POE power supply, power supply directly through the network cable, to solve the problem of on-site power supply.

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