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Bye Bye! Green fruit camera user burst home life was broadcast

Live door reproduction! Green fruit camera user burst home life was broadcast

In China, on the 12th of last year, an article entitled "A 92-year-old girl to Zhou Hongyi: Don't stare at us again" unveiled the unknown side of the live video door. Nowadays, this lively door that is scary and daring has appeared again!

Recently, some users of Qingguo camera reported that their home life was broadcast live on the Internet, and many users did not know about it. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Qingguo live broadcast operator Yixin Company introduced that the public live broadcast was set by the user and then connected to the live broadcast platform. After receiving user feedback, the company has temporarily closed all individual users' live broadcasts.

It is understood. You don't need to pass any verification. Just open the "Latest" section of the "Green Fruit" app and you will see this scene clearly. According to the platform information, Qingguo is a live interactive platform based on the Qingguo camera. Once the user installs the camera and binds the phone, he can see the real-time screen being monitored, or live broadcast on the platform in real time. Viewers can comment, bookmark, and recommend live content after signing up for an account. The media found that in the live content section of the Green Fruit Platform, in addition to pets, streetscapes, scenery and road conditions, there are also many stores, business halls, clothing stores and live content inside the home. Among them, the number of live broadcasts in the family is the most. Many netizens will exchange and discuss in the comments or barrage. Some "excellent" pictures are also posted in the circle of friends.

The relevant person in charge of the operator of the green fruit platform operator, Yixin, said that if the user chooses to broadcast live, it needs to be manually confirmed. Among them, there are two options for “full open” and “require verification” in the permission settings. Under the completely open option, the small word says "Everyone can see your live broadcast in the square". After receiving the feedback, the company temporarily closed all the live broadcast pages of individual users at 5 pm on the 22nd, and the relevant staff was cleaning up the public data of the camera and deleting the comments. The reason why the screen content of the user's private scene appears in the Green Fruit Live Plaza is still being further investigated.

For the live broadcasts of public places, clothing stores and other public places, the person in charge said that Qingguo has always prohibited the commercialization of services, and stipulates that users should not use live broadcast services for commercial purposes. Public live broadcasts with commercial purposes need to be confirmed with the platform. The company has also closed all live broadcasts on public places.

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