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Greatly improve the burglar alarm system accuracy and reliability

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) An image communication system that refers to a television system that transmits video in a specific area and plays only on fixed loop equipment. Such as video recorders, monitors in the building, etc. This type of playback mode is called CCTV. The signal from the source only to the pre-arranged to communicate with the source of the specific television. Widely used in a large number of different types of surveillance, education, video conferencing and more.

TV monitoring system is an important means of modern management, testing and control. The CCTV surveillance system can screen real-time, visual and real images of the monitored objects in a situation where people can not or can not directly observe it. With this feature, people can obtain a large amount of information in time and greatly improve the accuracy of the anti-theft alarm system Sexuality and reliability. Moreover, the television monitoring system has become an extremely effective observation tool for people to monitor and control in the modern management.

CCTV is in contrast to open television broadcasting on television.

Broadcasting is divided into two types: radio broadcast and cable broadcast. Open television broadcasts are equivalent to radio broadcasts (users obtain television signals from antennas) and closed-circuit televisions are equivalent to cable broadcasts (cable mode: television signals are transmitted from the satellite transmitter to Designated user). It is through the wire transmission of television signals. It is mainly the audio and video signals into a radio frequency signal (ie, a channel), so as to be transmitted in the closed-circuit television system.

CCTV is generally used for broadcasting other than television, such as industrial television, military television, medical television, underwater television and so on.

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