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The front end of an NVR product is different from the DVR. DVR front-end product is an analog camera, you can put DVR

As a digitally encoded storage device for analog video, the front end of an NVR product can be an IPCamera, a video server (video encoder), a DVR (coded storage), and a rich device type. In the bank monitoring business, it can access the original analog system DVR equipment, but also access digital systems video server, IPCamera and higher HD cameras.

NVR products pay more attention to network applications, so this type of device pay more attention to video transmission efficiency in the network. In contrast, DVR products in the network environment, transmission efficiency is often not high.

NVR (Network Video Recorders) is an Internet Protocol (IP) protocol

 Basic network equipment and NVR functions are all based on IP architecture. Therefore, it can be remotely managed through LAN or WAN and has considerable flexibility in architecture network video surveillance system. The basic functions of NVR are Remote access and recording video stream taken by IP camera or DVS, this easy to use, easy to install features, widely favored by the security industry.

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