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Do You Know Hikvision, What Hikvision Do

Hikvision is a video-centric IoT solution provider that provides integrated security, smart services and big data services to the world.

Hikvision has more than 26,000 employees worldwide (as of the end of 2017), of which 13,000 are R&D personnel and technical service personnel, and R&D investment accounts for 7-8% of the company's sales. The absolute amount is in the forefront of the industry. Hikvision is a postdoctoral research workstation unit with Hangzhou as the center to establish R&D center systems in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xinjiang, Montreal, Canada, Silicon Valley and Liverpool, UK, and plans to operate in Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing. Established a new research and development base with Shijiazhuang. Hikvision has core technologies such as video and audio codec, video image processing, video and audio data storage, and forward-looking technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and deep learning, targeting public security, transportation, justice, culture, education, finance, energy, and intelligence. Many industries such as buildings provide professional segmentation products, IVM intelligent visualization management solutions and big data services. Beyond the video surveillance industry, Hikvision is based on video technology and extends its business to industries such as smart homes, industrial automation and automotive electronics, opening up new spaces for continued growth.

Hikvision has set up branches and after-sales service stations in 35 cities in mainland China, and established Hong Kong, the Netherlands, South Africa, India, Dubai, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Australia, France, Spain, 37 branches in Poland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Colombia, Kazakhstan and Turkey (as of December 30, 2017). Hikvision products and solutions are used in more than 150 countries and regions, and played in major security projects such as G20 Hangzhou Summit, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, APEC Conference, Ajax Holland, Myanmar Intelligent Transportation, and Danish Airport. Extremely important role.

Hikvision is a witness, practitioner and important promoter of global video surveillance digitalization, networking, and high-definition intelligence. For the sixth consecutive year (2011-2016), the company's iHS global video surveillance market share ranked first; 1 selected for "national key software companies", "China's top 100 software revenue companies" 3, A&S "Safety Automation" "China Security "Top Ten National Brands", CPS "China Public Safety" "China Security Top 100" (ranked first); 2016-2017, A&S "Safety Automation" released the "Global Security Top 50" list, ranked first in the world Bit.

In May 2010, Hikvision was listed on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 002415, and ranked the top 3 in the small and medium-sized market for a long time. Based on innovative management mode and good business performance, the company has won “2016·2017 CCTV China Top Ten Listed Companies”. 4. “Top Ten Listed Companies in China's Small and Medium-sized Boards” 5. “2016 A-share listed companies' future value ranking and A-shares "Good listing company" top 6 "The 6th China listed company word of mouth best corporate governance practice award" 7, "China's small and medium-sized listed companies investor relations best board" 8 "listed company Jinniu investment value award" and "most Best Investor Relations Management Awards 9 and other important honors.

Hikvision adheres to the business philosophy of “professionalism, honesty and integrity” and insists on internalizing the core values of “achievement of customers, value-based, honesty and pragmatism, and pursuit of excellence” into a code of conduct, continuously developing video technology and serving humanity.

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