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China's smart home Internet of Things product evaluation criteria officially launched

The message from CCID. On October 30th, China National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Hezhuo Media organized a “Start-up Ceremony for the Application of Evaluation Standards for Smart Home Internet of Things Products (hereinafter referred to as “Standards”) in Beijing. The standard has developed a detailed evaluation system for the core user application experience of the smart home industry.

According to reports, from a technical point of view, the standard will focus on smart TV, mobile APP, smart speaker as the control core, based on the Internet of Things, broadband network, to achieve intelligent service delivery, two-way intelligent interaction between people and home facilities; From the perspective of products, the standard will be marked by diversified product forms, intelligent operation and interconnection. The products span a wide range of application areas, covering basic software and hardware products, networking equipment, intelligent terminals, and smart home appliances. , smart home, integrated platforms and systems, and software products that serve as human-machine interfaces for various application services; from a service perspective, standards will provide a variety of family-oriented cultural entertainment through home and social information interconnection and intelligent control. Comprehensive application services such as living and consumption to achieve a comfortable, safe and convenient family lifestyle.

At present, Haier, Samsung, TCL, Fulian.com, OPPO and other leading enterprises in the field of smart homes at home and abroad have actively participated in the formulation of this standard. Next, the project will enter the testing phase of smart home products, and will eventually recommend high-quality smart home products based on test results, and promote the smart home industry in China towards standardization and standardization.

According to the staff of the standard working group, the development of the smart home industry is a process that requires industrial symbiosis and will trigger a new round of ecological changes in the industry. In the end, the standard will guide the enterprise to become a real user demand provider, and the application specification of the smart home product, whether from the formulation or the future application, will be a process of real-time integration with the market development and dynamic progress.

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