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Auto Tracking Using For Surveillance Camera

Application of automatic tracking technology in video surveillance

At present, the detection equipment applied in the detection and alarm system mainly detects the physical quantity and state change of the environment. This detection method does not have the ability to detect the target in essence. Therefore, the false alarm problem has been plaguing the security system. The use of multiple detectors, multi-technology composite detection and intelligent data analysis, although the detector performance and function have been greatly improved, reducing the false alarm rate, but this did not fundamentally solve the problem.

Video surveillance technology observes the target of the scene and directly identifies the target. This is an effective means of detection and is a means of detection that does not require review or integration with the review.

In the design of the actual security engineering, the first thing we should consider is the alarm, the so-called alarm priority, and the video surveillance as the auxiliary system, because any check-in operator can not pay attention to the picture for a long time in the unknown state. In order to reduce the impact of artificial fatigue factors and ensure reliable operation of the system, it is usually preferred to give an alarm.

When the moving target enters the field of view of the camera, the high-speed DSP chip is used to perform differential calculation on the image of the previous frame and the current image. When a certain value is reached, it is determined that a certain part of a frame is a moving object, and then The ball machine automatically issues instructions to the dome of the dome, so that the loop camera can control the dome camera to achieve continuous tracking of moving objects without human operation, and does not require the support of the computer system!

Auto Track's Auto Dome is a new type of camera that can be programmed to perform "smart patrols" that scan an area in accordance with a pre-programmed patrol route. When motion is detected, the camera stops. Continue the patrol program while zooming in on the target image and tracking the target so that the motion is recorded and an alarm is issued. These actions do not require the assistance of the operator, allowing the operator to handle the alarm or take other actions.

Automatic tracking ball machine introduction


Capture tracking with moving targets for complex backgrounds. That is, no need to attach any hardware and software, as long as the moving target appears in the field of view, the dome machine can automatically capture and track the moving target, realizing the true 24-hour unmanned security guard! Support alarm to find points and start tracking: Trackball and alarm devices can be connected through 485 control line. Once an alarm signal appears, the trackball will automatically transfer to the specified position, and then start tracking.

The technology has an automatic return preset point: that is, the dome camera can return to the point of starting tracking after the user completes the tracking process (the target is tracked after leaving the camera's field of view)!

With multi-point preset positioning, memory, automatic cruise, curve track scan, partial scan (90 ° or 180 ° or 360 °) and other functions. You can position it at will, and you can preset cruise in all directions!

Built-in super dynamic camera; built-in high-speed preset pan/tilt and decoder; communication protocol is open, can be applied to a variety of control hosts; imported stepper motor, stable and reliable operation; 256 preset points and automatic cruise, multi-point patrol function; With lightning protection, anti-overvoltage, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference and other functions. It is compatible with various protocols at home and abroad such as PELCO-D and PELCO-P, and the baud rate is adjustable.

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