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Analysis of the global surveillance camera enterprises

The camera is an imaging device with the advantages of anti-glare, small distortion, small volume, long life and vibration resistance. In the surveillance camera security system, the image generation is mainly from CCD and COMS cameras, and the stored charge can be taken out to change the voltage, and it is widely used because of its anti-vibration and impact characteristics.

Surveillance cameras belong to the security industry. The administrative department of the security industry is the Ministry of Public Security and the provincial and municipal public security organs. The Science and Technology Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security implements administrative management of the security industry. All provincial and municipal public security organs have successively established management institutions for security technology prevention.

In view of the domestic and international market conditions, the barriers to entry in the surveillance camera industry are relatively low. At present, there are a large number of enterprises in the industry, and the industry is fiercely competitive. Enhancing relevant product innovation and service levels is the key to the survival and development of surveillance cameras. As the global economy continues to develop, the overall demand for international and domestic surveillance cameras continues to expand, and the level of demand in the downstream industry continues to change, the overall supply and demand relationship of the industry will change, and industry competition will further intensify.

At this stage, the demand for high-definition security in the security field is highlighted. Relevant research data shows that the current HD camera shipments account for about 20%, and this increase will support the industry's growth in the next three years. In addition to the new demand in the security field, the update and replacement market has begun to appear gradually. The security camera has a service life of about 3 to 5 years. It is conservatively estimated that China's replacement market may reach 20 million units per year, while in 2015 China's total camera shipments were 31.25 million units. It is undeniable that surveillance cameras have become a "necessity" in the market.

Although China's home security market is still in its infancy, similar to the field, all companies are exploring, but it is expected that the market will be large in the future. According to statistics, there are about 200 million urban households in China. In the next five years, at least 5% of households are expected to consider installing security products at home, with an average annual demand of about 2 billion yuan. In addition, it may be an important entrance to the smart home, and it is inevitable that it will become a battleground for the military.

Looking at the world, it will be a bigger piece of cake. Coupled with the support of the Chinese government's foreign trade, I believe that China's home camera will surely go global, and more and more people around the world will use it in China.

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