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3MP Network Starlight Outdoor CCTV Camera

3MP Network Starlight Outdoor CCTV Camera 1440P STARLIGHT CAMERA FEATURES: It need to work under certain light. The advantages of Starlight camera: In the same light, the color effect is more abundant, delicate, clear than ordinary cameras.The shortcomings of Starlight camera: In low light...

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1.6pcs LED light for brightness.

2.Smart App, Wifi Connecting or insert memory card to monitor.

3.Motion Detector, send alarm message to mobile phone.

4.Built-in Microphone and speaker, intercom talking.

5.HD 1.3MP Resolution, Clear Image

6.H264 Compress Format

7.Mobile phone remote monitoring (iOS, Android)

8.Night vision support. Starlight camera




1.What is the advantages of your products?
 High quality /Competitive EXW price/Good after-sale service.

2.Select Power supply
 The power supply should have lightning protection and leakage prevention measures, and safety ground is also required. The common types are AC 220V, AC 24V, DC 12V and DC 5V. Please be aware of which kind of power source is suitable for your device. DC regulated power supply should have purification function, its standard power should be 1.5 times greater than the total power of the system.

3.Why does the image look clear at day-time but look out of focus in the evening?

The light is strong at day-time and the iris is small, the depth of filed becomes larger after focalizing. However, the iris becomes larger in the evening due to weak light and the depth of filed becomes smaller,leading to the object being monitored falling out of the depth of filed.
The solution is that, please kindly set the camera to electronic shutter mode when trying to focalize using automatic iris lens (the automatic iris would be the largest), then change back to automatic iris mode. Or try to focalize under low illumination condition.

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